MCODE is a leading startup works on Angular,Node.js, React, Mean Stack, Full Stack, Machine Learning, AI and IOT. We have been working in this domain for over 3 years. We provide opportunities and encourage people to learn new technologies.
We are a group of coders who are working as well as learning new technologies and sharing the knowledge to folk and always passionate for doing some innovative idea’s implementation.
Our focus is to provide knowledge about the latest technologies and also the implementation of the project using those technologies.
We work on real-time projects. We create a team of expert, intermediate and new people and provide complete project requirements, software requirements, study materials, steps and also the final picture. We also provide some seminars and documentation about the current project.
In the current world, software development technologies are upgrading very fast but the working professionals, students and job seekers are facing problems to upgrade themselves with them. Our main motive is to upgrade knowledge of folk and provide projects to them into current advanced technologies.